Our Eagles’ Nest

Not only do we have young men working toward Eagle, but several of our adult leaders are Eagle Scouts. It would be nice to honor all Eagle Scouts who make Troop 460 where there are "Strong Values, Strong Leaders". The underlined names are current Scouts who have a page featuring their project. If you are active (or have been in the past) with Troop 460 and have attained the rank of Eagle Scout please contact our webmaster at

The History of Our Eagle’s Nest

An Eagle’s nest is a reserved area of the audience at an Eagle Court of Honor. All those who have earned this highest rank in scouting are called forward and then introduced to the rest of the participants. Usually they introduce themselves with their name and the year they received their eagle. They may be many years an eagle or simply a few months. In short the nest begins with one.

When our eagle candidate Sean Rich was trying to finish his project, the webmaster decided to post pictures of the project on the troop website so the community could see that it was nearly finished in spite of his being needed elsewhere. When the committee discussed this someone explained, “Well, she did it because it’s her son’s project.” With that the response was, “Well, I’ll do it for all the Eagles in the troop.” That was nearly 30 eagles ago. Hope you enjoy the history.

  1. Brian Kircher
  2. Sean
  3. Kyle
  4. Dan
  5. Eric
  6. Andrew
  7. Giampiero
  8. Lucas
  9. Spencer
  10. Keegan
  11. Jeremy
  12. Torin
  13. Gianmarco
  14. Jeremy
  15. Shane
  16. Will
  17. Tucker
  18. Will
  19. Tanner
  20. Cole
  21. Garret
  22. Spencer
  23. Seth
  24. Cash
  25. Jake
  26. Chris
  27. Stephen
  28. Steffan
  29. Zander
  30. Joel
  • Mr. Zachary Ford, 1997
  • Mr. Chris Presgrave, 1992 Troop 95 Diamond Springs
  • Mr. Bill Winter, May 1981
  • Mr. Jack Hamby, December 1980 Troop 152
  • Mr. George Neilson, 1979
  • Mr. Marty Feil, 1975
  • Mr. John A. Peklar, 1973
  • Mr. Chris Jensen, 1971